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Sam Previti is a Washington Twp. Trustee, husband, father, small business owner, and financial controller. 

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Transparency is important. Please learn more about every meeting, issues, and how and why I voted. 

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Sam and his family could always use a helping hand at community events, picnics, dinners, and charity events.  

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Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

My wife and I have called Washington Township home for over 15 years. We feel this is the best place to raise our young family.  

I grew up with several values that my parents instilled in me: be a loyal husband, a good father, a kind neighbor, and help those around you.  I believe Washington Township is similar to a big family and as party of that family, I try to do my part and look out for all families, residents, and small businesses as YOUR Trustee. 

Public service has been a dream of mine ever since I sat in civics class back in high school.  I believe people with experience in the private sector, like the rest of the existing board, make for very effective and efficient public servants.  Together I believe we accomplish great things for the families of Washington Township.  

Please take a few moments to learn more about me ,Washington Township, and how I govern as YOUR Trustee on my website. 

God bless you, your family, and loved ones, 

Sebastian Sam Previti

The Previti Family ~ Sam, Silvana, Salvatore, Lucia, & Sergio

The Previti Family ~ Sam, Silvana, Salvatore, Lucia, & Sergio

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Sebastian Sam Previti YOUR Trustee

(586) 206-5185 sspreviti@hotmail.com